Hi! This is thematick. You can use it to explore high quality, community picked resources (e.g. books, movies, games) featuring themes that you are currently interested in.

Themes are like tags. They can be general (e.g. @zombies) or more specifc (e.g. @environment exploration). They can also be combined to define an even more specific theme (e.g. @survival in a @hostile environment with elements of @camp building).

Thematic was created out of need. Sometimes, when you get really enthusiastic about a theme, you start looking for resources that include or feature that theme. Like when you get all excited about a movie you have just watched featuring @zombies. And you want to explore that theme, maybe read a book or play a videogame that revolves around that topic!
The thing is, that if the theme is very specific (e.g. @colonization of an @unknown planet with elements of @terraforming and @resource gathering) finding these resources (ha!) can be very difficult...

This is where thematick kicks in! Thematick will help you find exactly what you are looking for, because it is created by enthusiasts just like you.

Dive in and enjoy!

And when you are ready, join the community and start adding resources and themes that you like and think others might enjoy as well.